We bring EU projects closer to people through effective science communication and IT solutions

We bring EU projects closer to people through effective science communication
and IT solutions

Need a hand to write winning proposals and manage EU-funded projects?


What we do

All EU-funded projects need strong communication, dissemination and exploitation plan. 

We communicate the benefits of EU-funded projects to stakeholders in Europe and beyond and,
 where needed, complement it with the perfect educational tool.


As expert coordinators, we make sure the projects we're involved in are well-monitored and financially sound. Tracking their progress, innovation, budget spending, risks, open science, dissemination and exploitation, is our bread and butter.


Effective EU project communication is not an option. Reaching the set KPIs, raising awareness about the project and the EU policies it contributes to, it's part of our duties as beneficiaries. Of course, some compelling writing and captivating visuals help! 


Project results need to be disseminated. We know how to identity those who can make good use of them thus contributing to the progress of science. Disseminating the EU project's results is a requirement! 


Using and capitalizing your project results is challenging. We know all routes, risks and opportunities relevant to your project. Count on us to draft the perfect plan for our project.  


EU projects have a strong educational element. Creating the learning path and the platforms that can host such knowledge makes the EU project fly across borders.  

Data Management

EU projects collect and generate data – managing, reporting, and visualising them is becoming an important task for the projects. 

Tools and apps

Learning through mobile phone and tablets with eTools and iPhone/Android apps should be made possible in a user-friendly way in all projects. 

Website Design and Development

The website is the project's entry point. We need to have the users in mind and guide them across its diverse functionalities and content. SEO, UX, UI and modern designs are key to attract more visitors to the project's website.  

International Cooperation

Europa Media has been supporting the European and global collaboration of researchers in many projects through exchange of knowledge and information, education, networking, IT solutions – we have references in India, China, USA and all Europe. 

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Who we are


We have coordinated whole consortiums, specialised in D&C work packages and created ad-hoc IT platforms. 


We have 20+ years of experience in EU project management, EU affairs and policies. 


Budapest-based SME with a team ready to jump on new projects and experiment with new ideas. 


We push our teams to cultivate their passions by leveraging their skills and interests. We test new techniques and offer new ideas.  


We're international inside and outside. With over 20 nationalities in our teams and plenty of international projects, we're international all the way. 

Our EU Projects

We've taken part in +20 EU projects belonging to different funding schemes, from LLP and FP7 to LIFE, H2020 and Horizon Europe.

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